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Oferta: Google Adwords:Marketing4Everyone

Descrição do emprego:

Empregador: Marketing4Everyone
Tipo de contrato: Tempo Inteiro
Data de publicação: 19-4-2017
Zona Coimbra
Categoria da oferta Publicidade / Marketing



Descrição da oferta: is a start-up born in Ireland: We’re absolute experts when it comes to digital marketing, we own 2 of the biggest internet companies in Ireland - and We are now helping over 300 businesses worldwide through Marketing4Everyone, with our expert account managers setting up and managing their Facebook ads, and creating high enquiry rates through our professionally designed landing pages. We recently started also to offer AdWords services.

We are looking for a Google Adwords Expert.

- You'll be working from home, managing Irish accounts. Work consists of setting and optimising AdWords campaigns.
- You will work in a Team of account managers


- Fluent English
- Good communication skills
- Experience as a Digital Marketer and as account manager
- Work fast and efficiently, without sacrificing quality

Please send a cover letter (in English) with your cv (in English) to this Endereço de email: *** Candidatura Online ***


Categoria de emprego: Biotecnologia & Farmacia [ Ver todos os empregos de Biotecnologia & Farmacia ]
Requisitos linguísticos:
Tipo de emprego:
Remuneração: Não especificado
Grau académico: não especificado
Anos de experiência: Não especificado
Localização do emprego: Coimbra Coimbra
Endereço: Coimbra
Tipo de empresa Empregador
Data de publicação: 2017-04-21 / Viewed 1 times
Informação de contacto
Empresa: Marketing4Everyone

Candidatura online