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Oferta de emprego: Frontend Software Engineer (MG_OlisipoNorte_Frontend):Olisipo

Descrição do emprego:

Referência da oferta: Olisipo
Referência da oferta: Tempo Inteiro
Referência da oferta: 15-5-2019
Zona Aveiro
Referência da oferta: Informática ( Programação )



Referência da oferta:


Keen for challenges and ambitioning new solutions, our IT-Tude is oriented towards project excellence and a close relation with our collaborators. With our People, iT works better!

We are looking for experienced Engineers with an appetite for solving complex problems and build seamless user interactions to world-class standards, to integrate a project in Aveiro.

If you believe you have the right profile, send us your CV to *** Candidatura Online ***
and learn more about this opportunity.

- You?re great at Vanilla Javascript and modern frameworks and platforms such as AngularJS, Ember, ReactJS, VueJS and/or Node.js;
- Semantic documents using HTML;
- Developing great user interfaces;
- Creating testable code and make testing a priority;
- Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban;
- Being passionate, self-driven and working with little supervision towards a common team or company purpose;

It also would be cool if you:
- Use state management like Redux, MobX and/or other;
- Know module bundlers and task runners such as Webpack, Parcel, Rollup, Browserify, Grunt or Gulp;
- Use of CSS pre/post-processors like PostCSS, Styled Components, LESS, SASS and/or others;
- Have experience with Test Automation.

We offer:
- Personal accompaniment focused on Career Management;
- Continuous and personalized Training and Certification through our own Learning Center;
- Solidity, trust and growth;
- Competitive salary package with benefits.

If you believe you have the right profile, send us your CV through our website or to the e-mail *** Candidatura Online ***
with subject MG_OlisipoNorte_Frontend and learn more about this opportunity.

Info: *** Candidatura Online ***


Categoria de emprego: Outras [ Ver todos os empregos de Outras ]
Requisitos linguísticos:
Tipo de emprego:
Remuneração: Não especificado
Grau académico: não especificado
Anos de experiência: Não especificado
Localização do emprego: Aveiro Aveiro
Endereço: Aveiro
Tipo de empresa Empregador
Data de publicação: 2019-05-16 / Viewed 11 times
Informação de contacto
Empresa: Olisipo
Endereço: Av. 5 de Outubro, 293 – 4º ,Lisboa , Lisboa 1000-078 - Lisboa

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