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Oferta de emprego: Test Automation Engineer (MG_OlisipoNorte_TestAutomation):Olisipo

Descrição do emprego:

Referência da oferta: Olisipo
Referência da oferta: Tempo Inteiro
Referência da oferta: 15-5-2019
Zona Aveiro
Referência da oferta: Informática ( Programação )



Referência da oferta:


Keen for challenges and ambitioning new solutions, our IT-Tude is oriented towards project excellence and a close relation with our collaborators. With our People, iT works better!

We are looking for experienced Test Automation to integrate a project in Aveiro or Porto.
If you believe you have the right profile, send us your CV to *** Candidatura Online ***
and learn more about this opportunity.

You're Good At:
- Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban;
- Leading quality assurance processes and functional testing;
- Working with Software Engineers to ensure the right levels of test automation are built to your standards;
- Testing mobile and web applications;
- Using source control systems.

You Rock At
- Breaking things and finding problems;
- Designing test scenarios, scripts or procedures that fit with the concepts of Test Automation and Continuous Delivery;
- Creating resilient automated test suites to exercise Web and Mobile applications with tools like Selenium, Espresso, UI Automator, KIF or XCTest;
- Being self-driven and working with little supervision towards a common team or company purpose;
- Being motivated to keep learning about test automation.

We offer:
- Personal accompaniment focused on Career Management;
- Continuous and personalized Training and Certification through our own Learning Center;
- Solidity, trust and growth;
- Competitive salary package with benefits.

If you believe you have the right profile, send us your CV through our website or to the e-mail *** Candidatura Online ***
with subject MG_OlisipoNorte_TestAutomation and learn more about this opportunity.

Info: *** Candidatura Online ***


Categoria de emprego: Outras [ Ver todos os empregos de Outras ]
Requisitos linguísticos:
Tipo de emprego:
Remuneração: Não especificado
Grau académico: não especificado
Anos de experiência: Não especificado
Localização do emprego: Aveiro Aveiro
Endereço: Aveiro
Tipo de empresa Empregador
Data de publicação: 2019-05-16 / Viewed 7 times
Informação de contacto
Empresa: Olisipo
Endereço: Av. 5 de Outubro, 293 – 4º ,Lisboa , Lisboa 1000-078 - Lisboa

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