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Anúncio de emprego: Software Developer Engine:Fabamaq

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Software Developer Engine

   » Fabamaq
   » 11-5-2021
   » Ref: 7408327
   » Porto
   » Informática ( Programação )

Detalhe da Oferta:

Whether you are a gameplay or a physics expert, a graphics or networking specialist, or just a great engineer, there will be always ways to stand out in our next big game.

- Development and maintenance of our web-based game engine for casino games (slots, bingo, poker, etc);
- Supporting the development of tools to bridge the design team work with our engine.

- Either/Both a degree in Computer Science (or similar area) or proven experience in software development;
- Good knowledge of Software Architecture and Software Patterns.
- Good analytical and problem solving skills.
- Experience coding in Javascript.
- Experience with Git;
- Being a good team player, able to deal with different ways of working and thinking.
- Capacity to learn and challenge new technologies, being at the vanguard of new projects.

- Knowledge of web-based rendering libraries such as PIXI.js, Three.js, Phaser.js or similar.
- Knowledge of game engine technologies such as Unity3D, Godot, Unreal Engine or others.
- Familiarity with other languages such as Python.
- Knowledge of web app development and handling different platform requirements (browser, OS, etc.)
- Experience working in an Agile environment.
- Passion about games and making games.

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Remuneração: Não especificado
Grau académico: não especificado
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Localização do emprego: Porto Porto
Endereço: Porto
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Data de publicação: 2021-06-10 / Viewed 1235 times
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Empresa: Fabamaq

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